10 Steps To Quality SEO

OK this isn’t rocket science but its a nice 10 steps to good SEO list I had knocking round from, previous years, I could and will dig deeper on most of these issues, as I post more. However as an overview of what is important to the optimisation process it does highlight things which are important.

  • Choose the correct keywords
  • Create a page for each keyword
  • Write good content specific to each keyword for each page, this will include unique page title, unique content and attractive meta description.
  • Format the page correct making sure the keyword is prominent in all the correct positions, title tags, headers tags, alt attributes on image tags, bolded text.
  • Make sure the internal inking structure of the site is correct, this means using the correct anchor text, or alt text in links, and make sure the site links from the right pages to the right pages. Also make sure that your linking structure focuses towards important pages not chaff pages
  • Obtain as many links as possible with as many variations of keyword pointed towards the home page of the website.
  • Obtain strong authority links from relevant site, using keywords relevant text in link anchor.
  • Obtain links deeper into the inner pages of the website, with anchor text relevant to the keyword of that particular page.
  • Report on the performance of the campaign paying prime attention to traffic, rather than positions.
  • Review campaign performance, change keyword selection or linking strategies to reflect the data you have reported back.