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Social Media Is Commercially Effective Rather Than Simply Interesting

Social Media Is Commercially Effective Rather Than Simply Interesting – I was thrilled when this question landed in my email. The answers easily provable; there are there are tracking, monitoring, analytics and reporting tools that can easily address this question, no problem.

An exhibitor encourages people to link to their Twitter page

However when I tried to put it in to the context of the person asking the question – a small to medium sized company that trades business-to-business, it was so much harder. Continue reading

Getting Started With Social Media

Social media gets a lot of coverage, but what is it and why all the fuss?

Lets imagine your at a party –  the kitchens full and everyone’s talking about what they’ve been doing, where they’re going on holiday and the problems they’ve had over the last week. You commiserate, congratulate and then go into the lounge to grab something to eat. After a handful of nuts and a piece of quiche, you notice there’s hardly anyone there, you’re practically on your own, so you go back to where its all happening, in the kitchen. Continue reading

Social Media In The Construction Industry

This is the latest and probably largest report of its kind to be carried out in the UK.

Sales And Internet Marketing partnered with The Building Centre and asked its members to take part in a social media survey.

The aim was to find out who currently uses it, what for and what if there’s a plan use social media more heavily in the future. Continue reading

Twitter Litter

The phenomenal social media tool that has become Twitter started life as a way for cash strapped college students to communicate.

Instead of paying per text (as we did in the ‘old’ days) Twitter provided an alternative messaging service that was absolutely free.  Cleverly the innovators of Twitter kept the character limits to 140 the same as a text, thereby making conversations quick, concise     and relevant. Twitter was fun and the added ability to make new friends soon made it  enormously popular. Continue reading