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Backlinks Said To Be The Better Choice

Backlinks Said To Be The Better Choice – Probably all website owners want more people visiting and engaging with their site. These visitors are often known to webmasters as traffic (a valuable asset in website marketing). No matter what you’ve heard before, more website traffic just doesn’t occur without a good strategy. That strategy should always involve creating backlinks to your website.

Natural links take place when other individuals link to your website for various reasons – one reason is that they simply like your website. Natural links are widely known to be the most valuable kind of backlink. Producing quality backlinks by hand can make a big difference in getting more traffic to your website. Backlinks are always favored because they are known to produce some level of trust. Continue reading

How to Get Your Website in Google and Other Search Engines

How to Get Your Website in Google and Other Search Engines – As my first ever post on Search Engine Chronicle I thought it would be fitting to do a post on how to get you website indexed in the major search engines. There are two basic ways to get your website indexed. 1. Build links and search engines will naturally find your website. 2. Manually submit your website to search engine using Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s submission forms. Note: Bing supplies Yahoo search results in the United States, not other countries, so it is still important to submit to Yahoo. You may see many ads online offering to submit you website to 100′s of major search engines for a small fee, don’t waste your time or money all you will need to do is submit to the linked forms above. Continue reading

Social Media SEO and Backlink Techniques

Social Media SEO and Backlink Techniques – Over the last few years major search engines including Bing and Google have started incorporating social signals into their SERPS, such as Google +1 and Bing adding Facebook “likes”. It would be no surprise if they start adding more weight on social media links to their algorithms over the coming years. In this post I will be covering a good to know SEO facts about some popular web 2.0 website. Continue reading

Source Syndication & Original Source Meta Tag Review

Google News recently added two new meta tags to help news publishers get credit for their content, the Source Syndication and Original Source meta tags.

Source Syndication

The Source Syndication meta tags works much like the canonical meta tag and is designed to indicate your preferred url to Googlebot-news. If you syndicate your news to several different websites in Google News it would be ideal to have them add this tag on the syndicated stories. Of course having another website add this tag will not always be the easiest task but it can’t hurt to ask. Continue reading