How to Get Your Website in Google and Other Search Engines

How to Get Your Website in Google and Other Search Engines – As my first ever post on Search Engine Chronicle I thought it would be fitting to do a post on how to get you website indexed in the major search engines. There are two basic ways to get your website indexed. 1. Build links and search engines will naturally find your website. 2. Manually submit your website to search engine using Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s submission forms. Note: Bing supplies Yahoo search results in the United States, not other countries, so it is still important to submit to Yahoo. You may see many ads online offering to submit you website to 100′s of major search engines for a small fee, don’t waste your time or money all you will need to do is submit to the linked forms above.

If you choose to go with the first method you will need to build links to you website. While there are hundreds of ways to build links to a website if your website is just starting out I would recommend just submitting to a few directories and social networks. This will avoid you getting sandboxed and will appear very natural, there will be time for more aggressive and advanced link building later.

The second method to get your website indexed is to manually submit your website to search engines. Along with submitting your website to search engines via submission form you will want to put Google & Bing Webmaster Tools on your website. This is a pretty simple process that requires adding a meta tag to your website. If you’re unsure how to do this please refer to the bottom of this post. Once you have Bing and Google Webmaster Tools installed on your website you will want to submit an xml sitemap through both webmaster tools. An xml sitemap will tell a search engine how to find all the content on your website and will allow you to submit additional meta data such as change frequency and priority, these tags will help Googlebot and other web spiders figure out your website structure. If you’re not sure how to create an xml sitemap please refer to or Google Webmaster Help, if you are using a popular CMS such as WordPress or Drupal you will be able to find a plugin that will create an xml sitemap for you. After you have submitted your website to major search engines via submission form and webmaster tools it will most likely take 1-3 weeks for your content to get indexed, if no links are build. To check and see if you website has been indexed in Google, Yahoo, or Bing simple to the specific search engine and enter in the search box, this will pull up all the pages the search engine has indexed on your website.

Now that I’ve explained the two main ways to get your website over, I will go over a combination approach that should be used to promote your website in the first two weeks. That being said during the first month your site is online I would submit to the major search engines via submission form and webmaster tools, wait until it is showing up in the index and then submit to popular article directories, social networks and social bookmarking sites. This will alert search engines of your content and help build links to your content this should ensure nobody scrapers will come and steal your content. After your site is indexed and regularly crawled by Google and other search engines I would recommend pinging all new content along with submitting it to social networks and bookmarking sites to help it get indexed and viewed as original content.

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