Local Niche Marketing

Your local niche market is the specific market contained within a greater market area. For example, SEO is in the niche category of internet marketing, and internet marketing is in the niche of Marketing. We live in a great time where we have the most accurate analytics in the history of mankind, and it’s all possible with the invention of something called SEARCH. We can actually see what people are looking for, and with cookies, we can even receive profiles of who these future customers are. The dark side of this is the lack of privacy, Finding your container will give you a narrow focus on your company’s brand definition, target audience, and future direction. Local SEO marketing companies like Rankulocal, market geographically; this is an even more specific niche, where the town and city are the focus.

Brand Definition

How do you know what your company’s identity is? The first mistake is thinking that your company is just what it sells. Why is that a mistake? Because it keeps you contained within that service. You do not want to be so specific that you overemphasize a small part of your business. Your brand is defined by the association that people have with your name in combination with your product or service, and it is grown by the influence that you have within that industry. When people think of Pepsi, they think of a soft drink, but Pepsi is more than just a soft drink company; they’re brand has reached beyond soft drinks into American culture. Having your company as a staple in your culture is the pinnacle to which you will want to set your marketing goals.

Target Audience

When you discover your brand identity, you have to narrow your focus to what kind of people you are selling to and where these people are. Do they love Radiohead and Mumford and Sons? They’re probably hipsters who don’t want to be defined as hipsters, and hang out at indie sites and Twitter. Do they watch sporting events? They probably can be found on Sports forums and online fantasy football.

When you find out who your audience is, you will need to figure out how they like to be sold to. What are they’re personalities? The majority of them might be introverts or they may be extroverts, but getting that information will help you to see how to sell.

Social Media

We as a company cannot deny the impact that social media has had on the internet world and the real world. This has given many people great business opportunities to gain customers and build their online reputation. We have great strategies for our approach to social media. It can be a great mess, but it doesn’t have to be. You just have to sort through all the fake social media and get to the core of real life customers on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Stumble Upon.

Future Direction

Once you understand your identity as a company and you’re target audience, you will have a better idea of where your company is going. Beyond that, it’s also a great idea to see analytics of your industry. What direction is your local industry going? Is it in a slump? Those are question you will want answered.

Our Company

We will find your companies niche and build up your reputation in the community/industry where the niche is located. We are a very aggressive company, meaning, we work hard to see that you have traffic within your niche. We do on-page SEO and promote your site on social media and all of the major search engines.