Social Media Is Commercially Effective Rather Than Simply Interesting

Social Media Is Commercially Effective Rather Than Simply Interesting – I was thrilled when this question landed in my email. The answers easily provable; there are there are tracking, monitoring, analytics and reporting tools that can easily address this question, no problem.

An exhibitor encourages people to link to their Twitter page

However when I tried to put it in to the context of the person asking the question – a small to medium sized company that trades business-to-business, it was so much harder.

The United States of America has plenty of case studies to choose from, but that’s not going to any of us Brits. And of course, we only have to turn on the TV to see plenty of large UK based businesses who giving out their Twitter handles in return for donations and free offers. But finding smaller companies, who trade business-to-business proved worryingly difficult.

I know it works; I’ve worked with enough companies to see it first hand. But where are the UK based, business-to-business SME’s that I can hold up as shining examples, I was stumped.

Then it occurred to me, I realised was literally holding the answer in my hands.

I recently carried out a survey of companies within the construction industry (for a copy please complete the contact form) and that’s where the evidence, or lack of it is held. You see the report concludes that companies really only started to use social media in the last two years. And to be effective social media takes time.

What’s more for the sales process for companies that trade business-to-business takes much more time.

So if my report provides a market segment of how companies are using social media, it’s no surprise that there are few case studies to provide evidence it works commercially.

However what we can prove is:

  • The number of visitors that are attracted to a website by social media
  • That customers are more likely to purchase from us if we engage with them
  • Social media builds brand awareness
  • Consumers want the added value we provide for them on social media
  • That visitor details can be captured for email etc.,
  • What consumers say about products and services – your brand

The time for using social media starts now, if left your competitors will have taken your space. Think about it, but not for too long.