Social Media SEO and Backlink Techniques

Social Media SEO and Backlink Techniques – Over the last few years major search engines including Bing and Google have started incorporating social signals into their SERPS, such as Google +1 and Bing adding Facebook “likes”. It would be no surprise if they start adding more weight on social media links to their algorithms over the coming years. In this post I will be covering a good to know SEO facts about some popular web 2.0 website.

Social Media

Twitter: Google recently had a real time search engine powered by a direct feed from Twitter this however didn’t last and Twitter bailed after the last contract negotiations. Currently most pages on Twitter are accessible by Google so they should be able to be crawled, however Twitter does use the nofollow attribute so I wouldn’t expect to get a huge boast in rankings although you may see your content indexed quicker.
Stats: 32.4 millions unique visitors per month, NoFollow Links, All Links Crawlable, Homepage PR:9

Facebook: Most of the personal Facebook profile pages are not accessible by Google so private pages won’t be seen by Google let alone the links on the page. However Google can crawl public pages such as fan pages, links on these pages can be seen and followed. Facebook does use a nofollow attribute on Fan pages so as with Twitter you probably won’t see a huge boast in rankings, unless of course Google decides to treat links from Facebook, Twitter, etc. different than normal nofollow links.
Stats:150 millions unique visitors per month, NoFollow Links, Not all links crawlable, Homepage PR: 10,

Linkedin: Your LinkedIn profile can be a great way to get a few extra SEO links. Not only are the links dofollow but you can also modify the the anchor texts. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can be a post in its self (coming soon).
Stats: 21.3 millions unique visitors per month, DoFollow, Anchor Text Links, All Links Crawlable, Homepage PR: 9, Business Orientated

Google Plus: This post is being written only a few weeks after the lannch of Google Plus and the stats seems to be impressive although only time will tell how well it fairs, never less it is always good to be ahead of the competition.
Stats: 25 millions users,Homepage PR 8, Dofollow

MySpace: I’ve always overlooked MySpace, in basically every way, although I wanted to be fairly complete in this post and decided to take a second look at MySpace. As SEO’s I know I have wasted hours pursuing pointless links on sites with not a billionth of the traffic that is on Myspace. On paper MySpace doesn’t look too bad from an any point of view.
Stats: 29.4 million unique visitors per month, NoFollow/Dofollow, Anchor Text Links, Most Links Crawlable, Homepage PR: 9

Social Bookmarking

StumbleUpon: Stumble Upon can be a great source of traffic, I have received thousands of visitors from StubmleUpon and while the links are nofollow the traffic it can send alone is worth while. Compete shows 3.4million unique visitors per month, which is probably low because I know I don’t go to the actually go to the website but rather use the toolbar.

Stats: 3.4 millions unique visitors per month, nofollow, homepage PR: 8, Nofollow anchor text link in profile

Delicious: Delicious much like the other web 2.0 sites listed here uses the nofollow tag as well. Currently around 400k unique visitors per month.

Social News

Reddit: Great source of traffic, I can typically drive a few hundred visitors a day with the added bonus of dofollow links. Around 2million unique visitors per month according to

Stats: 1.9 millions unique visitors per month, dofollow, homepage PR: 8

Digg: Uses dofollow. Can be a great source of traffic and backlinks although getting a story to take off and receive a decent amount of attention is a little more difficult then Reddit, IMHO. Around 3million unique visitors per month.

Stats: 3.2 millions unique visitors per month, dofollow, homepage PR: 8


Although I just devoted a whole post covering how Google crawls links on social media sites it is important to remember that promoting your website through these median’s isn’t necessarily about the SEO value of the link but rather the word-of-mouth, click-of-mouse benefit you will receive. With social bookmarking and social news sites you can receive thousands of links if your story goes viral within the network which will far outweigh any single link from any of the above websites. I do plan on following up with several posts on how to optimize and take full advantage of each of the sites noted above, so be sure to subscribe!

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