The New Way To Market Your Business

The New Way To Market Your Business

The Old Ways

The landscape of promoting a business has changed, especially for local business owners. The old methods of marketing and getting the word out are no longer producing worthwhile results. These days, most people find what they are looking for by searching for it on the internet.

The simple fact is, if you are not on the front page of the search results, you are losing business. Buyers looking for what you have to offer are going to your competition because they can’t find you. If you have been spending your advertising budget on the yellow pages, radio ads, road-side signs, billboards, etc. you have been wasting your time and money.

Why The Old Ways Don’t Work Anymore

There are a few main problems with the old ways of advertising:

1) No longer popular: Only a small portion of your customer audience is finding you through these methods. Now people have computers, cell phones, and iPads at their immediate disposal to find anything they need. Thumbing through the Yellow Pages is time consuming and inconvenient. People have more than just the radio for their listening pleasure, so radio ads do not reach as many ears as they used to. Even TV commercials are skipped over whenever possible now that people have DVRs and the ability to pause and wait for their show to come back on.

2) Not targeted: Promoting through the use of signs, radio ads, and TV commercials still does reach a small portion of today’s consumer base, however, these methods have always been overly broad. Not everyone who sees a sign or billboard ad is interested in the product or service being promoted. This means, this is a numbers game and the numbers are much smaller than they used to be.

3) Not optimally sorted: Even when someone does take the time to look through a directory such as the Yellow Pages, the listings are typically in alphabetical order, which means the businesses related to your niche whose name comes before yours in the alphabet are getting found before you. Spending more money on half and full page ads is one way to overcome this, but with so few people using this resource and others like it, it is just not cost effective.

Even “word of mouth” methods have changed. The way people communicate now is faster and wider via the internet. Social media sites are where people exist now. Twitter and Facebook, while among the largest and most popular, are by no means the only forms of this type of communication. The world at large lives on the internet. In order for your business to survive, it needs to be there too. Furthermore, it needs to be on the internet and in the forefront of where people search for what they are looking for.

The New Way

There are many ways people do their searches on the internet. You have, no doubt, heard of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These are not the only search engines, however; they are the top of the list. As a matter of fact, the engine that drives the search results for Yahoo is Bing, so essentially, when people search, they are generally using either Google or Bing. Search engines employ a number of different algorithms to provide the information seeker the most relevant results for their search terms. In this way, people typically find what they are looking for within the first several links on the first page of results. If you are not there, you basically don’t exist and without a strong offline method for bringing in customers, it is only a matter of time before your business becomes extinct.

SEO Is How Businesses Get More Business

This is where SEO comes into the picture. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. One of the things search engines do is “crawl” your website. Crawling is a way for the search engines to discover what your website is about. They also find and store information about your website from other websites on the internet. There are many ways to optimize a website so that the search engine crawlers can be properly informed about your website so that it can include your site in the list of results for searches that people perform. You can do these optimizations on your own, but while some of these things are relatively easy to do, others can be difficult and time consuming. This can be a lot like producing and delivering your own radio, tv, and billboard ads. Many of the types of optimizations call for an expertise that is outside of the skill-set of most business owners. Imagine a plumber or dentist managing an email marketing campaign or modifying HTML code on their website.

To be successful today, you need to capture the customers searching for what your business has to offer. We can help guide you by showing you ways to optimize your online presence or we can handle these tasks for you. We can work with virtually any budget and consultation is FREE. We will be happy to take a look at where you are at so we can help you get to where you need to be. If you are ready to find out how you can get more customers, contact us right away.