What Are Review Websites?

What Are Review Websites? – User review functionality is relatively new, but the websites offering it have often been around for some time. Some of these were previously called directories, that is websites that link to other websites, after sorting and categorising the links. Like Dmoz .

The better quality directories would often manually review websites and give a review about the website. Lesser quality directories would scrape data and accept free listings.

When content management systems made it easier to allow user submitted content, the review websites came into their own. The owner could concentrate on keeping the content well structured and normal people can have fun leaving comments about places and people they like or don’t like.

Review websites can be both directory and citation websites, but also make it possible for people to easily leave a review there about your business.

These pages get indexed and may come up for search when your business name is typed in the search box.

Citation Websites Need To Be Congruent

Currently these websites are often called citation websites. They “cite” the location and contact details of your business and Google checks across all citation websites for congruent information. If business information is all the same – you get a tick, if it is not, you may be at risk of disappearing into limbo.

Not all citation websites display reviews but many do.

Similar to the likes and the follows of social media websites, Google counts these user submitted reviews very highly and their ratings which are added up and go towards your overall website popularity score.

It’s now very easy for people to review your business

For example: The tiler left a cracked tile behind, the gardener gave her a rose with a sweet perfume, the plumber was late for an appointment but did a fabulous job, the painter turned up on time and helped him pick colours that suited his overall branding.

The doctor was kind and sympathetic, the nurse was nasty and hurt your arm, the lawyer was arrogant but got you a settlement, and the driving teacher took you for the driving test in his car. They enjoyed the food in the Mexican restaurant, the service was just alright, but the decor was very romantic.

People can say anything they want, and they do. Luckily most people are nice.

If people are nasty, other people reading the review may give you the benefit of the doubt if other reviews are glowing. Or they may not.

So we have a few NEW things going on here with review websites.

We have a place for large and small business owners to enter their shop or business address. It’s not just a website link anymore, that was all that directories collected.

Think White and Yellow Pages for genuine name, address, phone, email and website type information. Add in Google Maps so not only do you know where, but you can look at pictures of the building and get directions on how to get there and what the traffic is like!

Add in dedicated profile pages where you can put your own pictures, and videos and extend your information.

This is often the monetisation strategy of the website, but can be worth doing for some business owners if the website is really well targeted to their industry.

Do you have any business reviews yet? This is only just starting for some industries, although it’s been common for restaurants for a while. Probably, most people’s review areas are blank, but occasionally they are well filled out and rarely – glowing. If so, well done!

Good reviews improve your ranking and people almost always react really well to them

Poor reviews will leave you with a bad reputation and a low ranking.

What can be done? Review websites can ruin your reputation and you may not even know there is a BAD review there. When you do know though, it’s time to do something.

FOR just two or three GOOD reviews could tip the balance between your business SERP listing being on Page One (yeay) or Page Four (hmph – might as well be in limbo!).

You need to take steps to protect and enhance your business reputation by giving your clients incentives to leave good reviews.This is the way of the future, it’s not going away.

We can help you understand review websites, get listed on them, and help to encourage  your clients and customers to take the trouble to give you a good review.

No, tempting though it may seem,  we would never risk a clients reputation by writing reviews ourselves. Sorry .