You’re Using Social Media – What For?

Because it gets more sales right? Wrong

Because its free. Well its not

Because it’s the ‘in thing’. Are you serious?

In our last blog we talked about why you need a strategy, here I’m going to address the what and how of building a successful community of followers.

Social media can help you generate leads and achieve more sales, but not quickly or directly. Its a slow build and takes a lot of nurturing. Blasting customers with sales messages won’t give them the respect they demand, so if you want to gain the competitive edge – you have to show them they matter and you care.

It’s free to use social media, but the resources used to implement a successful campaign can be costly, so you might want consider if your staff have the ability and time available, or whether it could be outsourced.

And don’t just do it because you think you should. Do your research first because it’s not a quick fix, but if done well you’ll get great results.

Here’s how:

1. Find the channels that your audience use most frequently and start by listening  (monitor whats being said about your brand and competitors)

2. Know what you’re there for: Is it to drive traffic back to your website (what page will they land on and do you have a call to action), research into a new product, brand awareness,or increase sales.

3. Give your customers what they want. You’ll need to do some research to find the answer to this one, but they might want to be in the ‘boardroom’, to be featured on your website via a competition, vouchers, or play with interactive promotions.

4. Engage and encourage participation, ask questions and options and always provide first class customer service and an immediate response

5. Create a list of what you want to talk about and diarise your posts. You should also think about the ‘tone’ you’ll talk in – will you be an expert, or more informal and friendly, your tonality should reflect the image of your business.

6. Know how to measure your results. (Will that be determined by traffic to your website, sales or followers)

Only 14% of us trust advertisers anymore, by demonstrating to our customers you care, are knowledgeable about your business and participating regularly where they are in the social space, you’ll build confidence, customers and brand loyalty.

Next we’ll be talking about the benefits of each of the most used platforms starting with Twitter, so come back soon.